Over the years, Brooklyn, NY has captured a unique place in the nations collective conscious. It is often thought of as New York City's most creative borough, the place where artists come to turn dreams into reality. Brooklyn's cultural diversity has birthed and nurtured a very rich community of street and fine artists, designers, musicians, performers and trendsetters, among others.

So it is only natural that this inventive playground would come to birth one of the most dynamic eyewear brands to enter the sense, aptly named - BROOKLYN SPECTACLES

“Our goal is simple: To ensure that you feel confident in your glasses, so you can focus on creating the next big thing.”

BROOKLYN SPECTACLES, launched in 2012, encompasses and embodies within the brand all that the city of Brooklyn stands for. All of the styles are named after streets, neighborhoods or other local landmarks that play a part in our everyday life. 

We set out to create an independent brand that embraces our community and delivers beautifully crafted frames. Every pair of Brooklyn Spectacles appear as at home on the face of a local cafe barista as they do on a musician taking the stage.

"We feel strongly about creating eyewear that will stand the test of time in both style and functionality, and make sure every pair of  frames exceeds expectations."

BROOKLYN SPECTACLES set out it's first Flagship store in the heart of Williamsburg - at 209 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, next to mega global brands and a bevy of eateries and shops beloved by locals and global tourists alike.