The heart of Brooklyn beats in every pair of Brooklyn Spectacles.


Brooklyn Spectacles was launched in 2012 by a team of eyewear industry experts. We set out to create an independent brand that embraces our community and delivers beautifully crafted frames.

From our home base in Williamsburg, we bring you innovative frames inspired by the creative personalities and colorful streets of Brooklyn. Our goal is simple: to ensure our customers feel confident in their glasses, so they can focus on creating their next big thing.

“Our goal is simple: to ensure that you feel confident in your glasses, so you can focus on creating the next big thing.”

– Jenny Ma, Founder

Eyewear fitted to your lifestyle.

At Brooklyn Spectacles, we feel strongly about creating eyewear that will stand the test of time in both style and functionality, and work hard to make sure every pair of  frames exceeds expectations.

We premiered with the Wood Collection, emulating the look of wood to juxtapose a chic silhouette with a more organic finish. Made from acetate plastic surfaced with a wood-like texture, these innovative frames boast striking style without sacrificing durability.

We’ve carried every bit of our accute attention to detail and craftsmanship through to our Classic Collection, Capsule Collection and Kids Collection.





"We strive to bring a little bit of Brooklyn to everyone"


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