Together with ZEISS, we are providing FREE

glasses to front-line hospital medical personnel in NY.

Founded in New York and supported by many local patrons, Brooklyn Spectacles wants to give back to our community during this challenging time. Brooklyn Spectacles and ZEISS thank all of our doctors and  nurses for all of your dedication and care. Eyeglasses can help prevent bacteria from going into your eyes, they can be an effective safety tool for today's environment. That's why we've teamed up with the best lens provider - ZEISS, to offer free eyeglasses to our front-line to doctors and nurses*. Frames are provided by Brooklyn Spectacles, and Zeiss is providing Duravision Blue-Protect with full U/V protection lenses.Eyeglasses can be non-prescription or single-vision (distance or near). You work hard to keep us safe, and we are here to help keep you safe!

We thank you dearly...  

Click below to submit your request, we will contact you shortly. 

*Complimentary eyewear is available while supplies last.

New York State only.

QUESTIONS? 718.388.7088